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hi, dear! :) you're in my "Follow Forever" <3 check it out /post/82480417754/ive-recently-had-the-great-and-incredible-delight

Oh, thank you so much! You made me feel a little bit happier now! I love your blog, too! 


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It's not actually question, but I totally love your playlist, and how it's only piano versions of Avril's songs and the most I love 12 - Why

OMG, thank you so much! I love “Why”, too! ❤ 


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✘ Avril with no place to go
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I cry everytime I watch this video.

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OMG, I checked my inbox after 4 months… Then I found so many amazing messages, full of love ❤ I’m so happy (and so sorry for leaving you =[ ), thank you all.

I promise I’m gonna try to post more here. Love you, guys!

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Hi, dear :) You're in my "Follow Forever"! ❤ I love your blog so much! /post/75578205118/heeey-3-in-celebration-of-reaching-3000

OMG, is this real? Thank you so fucking much! I’m really glad ❤
Your blog is one of my favorites, too! =]


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oh hello! (: could you follow back?

Hello, honey! I follow everyone back. ❤
P.S.: I love your blog. =]

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hey you're my favorite avril lavigne blog, you should post more often :)

Oh, my God, this is so adorable! You’ve made my day, thank you a million ❤


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Avril & Johnny Rzeznik (from Goo Goo Dolls) performing "Iris" (2004)